10 Most used features of Google Analytics

Google Analytics has become an indispensable tool when analyzing the results of our web pages; this is important because it will allow us to know if the digital marketing strategy we have proposed is going in the right direction. Thanks to this tool, companies can know the performance of their brands and know what decisions to make to achieve the objectives set.

One of the advantages of Google Analytics is to know which are the websites most visited by our target audience. Specifically, it allows us to know the most searched terms on Google and depending on these, the opportunity to position yourself in a more efficient way appears. For this reason, we provide you with a list of the 20 most searched terms in Google Analytics, and that would facilitate the development of content for your website.

1.- Channels

As the name implies, channels are the sources of traffic from which companies receive public on their website. There are 4 different types:

Organic Search: These are the natural visits that websites receive through search engines.
Direct Traffic: These are those visits that companies receive to their website when users place the URL in the browser.
Social: It is the traffic obtained directly from social networks.
Referral: In this case, the traffic comes from other websites.

2.- Percentage of interactions

The engagement rate of a post is how often users have been interacting with it in a given period of time.

3.- Conversions

Conversions mean the number of times a goal has been met within a company’s website. If the expected number of conversions will not be achieved, then the brand would have to rethink its goals and redevelop another digital marketing strategy.

4.- Dimensions

Dimensions would become the specifications of an object. An example of this are the measurements that a web page can have or the size of the images or publications that are allowed to post on a social network.

5.- Conversion funnels

A conversion funnel is made up of steps that users follow to meet a certain goal within a company’s website. In this case, the ultimate goal is to achieve a conversion that originates an action in favor of the company.

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6.- Behavior Flow

As the name implies, the behavioral flow studies the path that users follow on the network, that is, it evaluates which pages it has entered, how it got to where it is currently located. In addition, it shows the type of content that interests the user, which creates an advantage that should be taken advantage of by any company.

7.- Acquisition Reports

Acquisition reports are very important for any company, because, thanks to them, a brand can know how the user gets to their website. This is a report provided by Google Analytics and mentions in detail how and how it reached the landing page of a company.

8.- Impressions

Impressions is the number of times an ad is shown on social media or another web page. While these are a count, it doesn’t mean that a user has appreciated them in their entirety. He has been able to see it, but if he does not get hooked, perhaps the content has not been of interest to him.

9.- Bounce rate

Bounce rate is an indicator that shows the number of times a user entered a web page and did not take any action that benefits the page. One of the reasons something couldn’t have been achieved is because the content may not be relevant enough to them.

To further deepen your knowledge in this web analytics tool, you can enroll in a Google Analytics Course. In that course, you’ll learn how to collect data and analyze it to optimize your website or content blog. Additionally, you can complement it with an SEO Search Engine Optimization Course that will teach you how to optimize websites, apply web positioning strategies, and execute an organic SEO plan to be among the first locations in Google.

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